To say that staff and students prepared for our final end of the year pageant and Kindergarten graduation would be an understatement! Students rehearsed no less than fifteen Russian, Tatar and English songs, poems and monologues for this special occasion and their arduous work is very appreciated! What follows in this journal entry is a summary of the show that took place on June 1, 2012.

Among several Russian and Tatar songs students in the Kindergarten and Pre-K cohort sang “Old MacDonald” had a farm. For our younger students the focus here was on learning the phonetic sounds associated with each animal such as ‘Quack Quack’ for ducks or ‘moo’ for cows; older students to gain a natural, comfortable fluency in singing.

Three of our wonderful students this year are graduating from Kindergarten and all their achievements had to be acknowledged. For their English language sector students received a diploma, big bar of chocolate and rose. They also received wonderful gifts from all staff at Sadek.

Malika S, Malika Z and Amina you are all wonderful students and we all wish you the best in the future!

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