Continuing on our unit about food this week, we learned about different types of drinks in English. The kindergarten cohort also learned a crucial aspect of speaking in English—politeness---through the phrase: “May I have?” and subsequent responses: “Yes you may.” “No, you may not.”

Our younger cohort started simply this week by learning the verb to drink via a familiar situation: drinking juice. Similar to last week the Kindergarten group learned the drink based vocabulary: water, juice, tea, coffee through colouring…something they absolutely indulge in! Throughout the week our younger cohort continued to build their vocabulary up from Juice to coffee, tea and water. Due to excessive absences in this group of learners Friday was taken as a day to review materials learned.

The Kindergarten cohort is very bright and ambitious so it is important that we not forget to recall and use in a meaningful way vocabulary and speech learned in previous weeks. On Tuesday we spoke to each other asking for various fruits and vegetables using the polite speech “May I have?”

Wednesday’s and Thursday's Kindergarten activity was fantastic as this creative group was asked to make a self portrait and magazine-picture collage of what they like and do not like, encouraged to express often in English what and why they selected what they did. Though our unit is about healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, and drinks it is critical that children learn how to generalize their English language knowledge and ability express themselves to a wide variety of topics. Teacher’s note: as an educator I was so pleased by the creativity, enthusiasm and decision making student’s brought to this project! Excellent work kids and fantastic job in applying your English skills through art!

Friday saw the pre school cohort enjoying the English language film of the week "The Lion King" and our Kindergarten class completed their Friday Review III in fabulous order.

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