Welcome to the class journal for weeks seven and eight! Over the last fortnight we have poured our energy into the Mother`s Day show so most of this blog wil be dedicated to that topic.

Both cohorts of students learned for the gala two pieces of English language work: a poem dedicated to their Mother and the popular American folk song `You are my Sunshine.` As an educator I was particularly pleased with the dedication both groups of students paid to the song. The Pre-K crowd was only expected to learn the movements and body language to the song but most had aquired the lyrics by show time. The Kindergarten group being the natural leaders and dedicated students that they are sang well above expecatation and were a great example to their younger peers.

In addition to English language material students learned a considerable amount of Russian language and Tatar language poetry and music! For their dedication and energy they should be praised. The show concluded our formal teaching unit on `The Family.` The Kindergarten cohort also finished their family trees just in time to have them displayed for all to see as part of the show. All students pained lovely portraits of their Mother's to give to them at show time.

 As upcoming journal entries and lesson plans will indicate all students will continue exploring the world around them through English, our next topic: pets and other domesticated animals.

Class note: we also welcomed two new students this week! Brother and Sister: Malika Z and Kareem! Welcome Malika and Kareem...you two make  a lovely addition to our class :)

Please enjoy some pictures from our rehearsals and Mother’s Day Gala on March 6, 2012:

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