Weeks eleven and twelve found us having to make some adjustments to plans due to an illness related absence on Miss. Samantha's behalf and an upcoming Tatar Language pageant; this being said they have been quite fruitful for students an staff alike!

During the month of April students in both cohorts will be focusing on learning about the four seasons. It has been decided that students will spend roughly a week focusing on each season---however if due to circumstances or if they express a desire to keep learning at a modified pace we can certainly extend our inquiry into May. Especially because Spring appears late in coming to Tataristan this year!

During week eleven and the first half of twelve both cohorts spent took valuable circle time time to review all the material we have covered up to this point. This hurriculean task was made easier by dividing what was covered over a period of four days. As an educator this extra time was invaluable as a means of conducting an informal assessment. While this class (school) does not believe formal testing is necessary for this age group/demographic it is critical that we take the time to make sure students have retained, understand in a meaningful way and can use what they have learned in everyday life. In both classes this means a lot of natural convesation, creative art projects and time devoted solely to indvidual creativity and play (when many educators believe the most true learning occurs.)

Note to parents: the next couple of weeks will find us very busy here as all students will be participating in a Tatar language pageant. Our English language classes will make adjustments. To assist you and your child's fruitful learning I have decided for the first time ever to send home copies of the vocabulary flashcards we use during circle time and a verb/adjective sheet weekly to help your child through what is going to be a vocabulary rich unit of work.

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